Freedomsoft 3 Price Package

==> “Click Here For Freedomsoft 3 Special Offer Discount Link” <===

Come midnight tonight … *poof*

It comes and it goes.

When will it be back? … nobody knows.

I thought it’d be enlightening for you to list out all the
cool stuff the infamous “Miracle Money Machine”
includes and does for you.

So I did.

Here it is …

** Fast, Secure, Mobile Management of All
Your Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, & Contacts **
The ultimate CRM for any real estate investor!

** Sexy Real Estate Investing Websites **
Pick a domain name & launch motivated seller,
buyer, lender, short sale, and loan mod -targeted
websites instantly. No extra fees!

** Instant Seller Leads Daily **
Over 1.4 Million motivated seller, REO, & FSBO
leads nationwide, updated daily. Just click & make an offer!

** Cash Buyer Leads Daily **
Over 1 Million cash buyer leads nationwide, updated daily.
Just click & make an offer!

** Private Lender Leads Daily **
Thousands of ACTIVE private lender contacts in your
local area, updated daily. Click, connect, & get $$$
for your deals on-demand!

** OfferBot **
Automatically sends offers FOR you each day, at a % of
list price that you specify. The single most powerful
upgrade since the original Freedom$oft!

Click Here to See This In Action:

** Multi-User Capability for Your Team **
Give partners, employees, virtual assistants, or other
team members their own logins. Up to 15 of them. You
control their access!

** Direct Mail On-Demand **
Choose from 44 proven, pre-written postcard & letter
campaigns. Select your market, pick your mail piece,
and click Send. We mail them for you. It’s really that

** Email Marketing System **
Built-in autoresponder & broadcasting for instant
communication with your buyers & sellers. No need for
expensive “3rd party” email systems!

** Instant Valuation System **
Cutting-edge virtual appraising system gives you
the value of nearly ANY property. Real valuation,
not “free comp site” BS.

** Comparable Sales **
Want to verify our automatic valuation? We give you the
20 closest comps to your subject property so you can
determine value yourself!

** Instant Offer Calculator **
Don’t know how much to offer for a property? Stop stressing.
Freedom$oft TELLS you how much to offer.

** Virtual Whiteboard **
Track the status of your deals (and there will be LOTS
of deals) day-by-day right on your homepage!

** Scheduling & Task Manager **
Follow-up tasks created automatically FOR you, so you just
wake up & see what you have to do that day. Your own sexy
personal assistant :)

** Mapping & Virtual Inspector **
Maps & exterior photos for nearly every property in
the U.S. Stop wasting gas money driving for duds!

** e-Signature Creator **
Create your electronic signature in seconds, then instantly
stamp it onto letters & contracts when you need it!

** Easy Contract Editor (Pre-Loaded) **
Save hours by auto-filling your Purchase & Sale, Assignment,
Option, REO, & other docs. Freedom$oft even SIGNS the dang
things for you!

** Instant Package Generator (Pre-Loaded) **
Have short sale or REO packages you use frequently?
Auto-fill, then fax or email entire packages in minutes!

** 30-Second Internet Syndicator **
Automatically post your properties for sale on Facebook,
Twitter, & 17 other top websites. Selling a house a never
been easier!

Click Here to See the Miracle Money Machine In Action:

** Instant Reporting **
Want to know how your business is doing? Click a couple
buttons and get immediate charts of your vital business stats!

** “Anywhere” Website Integration **
Have existing blogs or websites? No problem.. use our
“anywhere” integrator to funnel leads from these sites
into Freedom$oft!

** Facebook Web Forms **
Easily connect FreedomSoft to your Facebook profiles, and
leverage the second most popular website in the world to
build your buyers list!

** Short Sale & Loan Mod Outsourcing **
Short sales & loan mods suck. Don’t do them yourself..
one click outsources these leads to an expert & YOU

** One-Click Faxing & Emailing **
One click instantly faxes or emails contracts to buyers
& sellers. No more fax machine!

** Active 4,000+ Member Community Networking **
Network & mastermind with over 4,000 other Freedom$oft
investors in every U.S. state and 11 countries in our
private community center!

** “6 Weeks to Freedom” Quick Start Series **
The ultimate “how-to” course on marketing for buyers,
marketing for sellers, getting private money, deal
evaluation, paperwork, closing, & more!

** Two (2) Live Event Tickets **
Attend our next 3-day LIVE bootcamp in a city near you.
The ultimate in real estate investing education & networking!

** Your Own Virtual Assistant **
Access our database of real estate-trained virtual
assistants in the Philippines, available to you for
$2-$4 per hour. Save your valuable time!

** On-Demand Proof of Funds Letters **
Instantly request “proof of funds” letters for up to
1 Mil on deals with back-to-back closings. Effortless
help in getting your offers accepted!

** Access to $5 Mil in Funding **
That’s right … 100% transactional deal funding in
all 50 U.S. states & fast approval. No credit checks,
LTV requirements, or other hassles!

** LIVE Monthly Call-In Mentoring **
Group mentoring calls give you the chance to get live,
expert help with your deals when you need it!

** .. and a whole heck of a lot more, believe it or not!

Have you flipped a house yet?

Let Freedom$oft do it for you.

Do you need to get your REI business to the next level?

Let Freedom$oft do it for you.

Do you need someone to step in and get you over that
stupid hump that’s been in front of your face for so long?

Let Freedom$oft do it for you.

Freedom$oft is the cheapest virtual business partner you
will ever bring on board to run your business for you.

It is the smartest business decision you will ever make.

It is the fastest path to your true financial freedom that
exists on this planet.

I guaranty it.

Test drive it today, and allow me to welcome you to the
Freedom$oft Family in advance. You’re gonna like my
family. We’re all rich. : )



p.s. We’ve lowered the price of Freedom$oft by 96.63%
since it’s last release. We did this kinda as a test. There is a
very good chance it will go up when(if) it is re-released. I
highly suggest getting your foot in the door now.

Click Here to Get Your Foot in the Door:

p.p.s. this list of “stuff” that Freedom$oft 3 includes does
not do it justice. You simply have to experience F$3 to
appreciate it. It’s not just a bunch of discombobulated apps
all thrown together. It’s seamless. It flows. When we send
you a lead, the information auto-populates throughout the
entire system. Things automatically start … “happening”.
The “machine” takes over. It’s a freaking real estate ROBOT.

Houses are flipped for you.

Don’t just take my word for it. Experience the future of real
estate investing.

Experience Freedom$oft 3.

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Deeds From The Dead – How To Buy It?

deeds from the dead

“Click The Button Now To Get An Exclusive Full Bonus Special!”

Preston Ely ”Deeds From The Dead” 2011 Halloween Special - What You Will Be Getting?

  1. The “Deeds from the Dead” 4-Hour Audio Training Course containing absolutely everything you need to know about making money with probate real estate!
  2. A 42-Minute Jumpstart Video with Preston, walking you through the process of buying & selling probate real estate from A to Z!
  3. All the Forms and Contracts you need to make this stuff happen!
  4. A Lifetime Subscription to “The Flip Factor” Monthly Newsletter
  5. Two (2) Tickets to our next LIVE 4-Day Wholesaling & Marketing Bootcamp!
  6. A 30-Day Trial of Preston Ely’s Mini-Mentoring & Mastermind Program, complete with live monthly calls, an active mastermind community, a virtual vault of past monthly training calls, Preston’s “bajillion dollar rolodex,” powerful software tools
  7. … and much, MUCH MORE!

Price of Deeds From The Dead is a $97 one time payment, with an option to get a complementary 30-day trial in the Mini-Mentoring & Mastermind Program, which is $97/month.



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Preston Ely Products – More Cool Stuff Besides Freedom$oft

Preston Ely Products – The Full List, Click To Watch Preston Ely Videos

FreedomSoft 3

==> Click For Freedom$oft 3 Special Discount Link <==

The Lost Mastermind Sessions


REO Rockstar


Wake Up Wealthy

Real Estate Empire

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Freedomsoft 3 video

Hey I’m pulling this video down tomorrow at midnight.
Hope you don’t miss it.

Preston Ely

I want to introduce you to Antonio real quick.

He’s one of our Freedom$oft family members, and he’s
about to tell you how he went from being an uneducated,
debt-ridden, truck driving Rat-In-The-Rat-Race to making
$105,432 in 5 months using our automated, push-button
house-flipping software.<– click here

It is one heck of a story.  Especially considering his age.

You can do it too.

Watch this …<– click here


p.s.  are you one of those types of people who demand
proof for everything?  Good.  Then you’re like me (kinda).

Click here for proof … <– click for

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Freedom$oft 3 OfferBot

The Freedom$oft OfferBot® <– click here

& scroll down Picture this … You export a list of houses from the MLS (or anywhere for that matter) that you want to make offers on, get dirt cheap, sell sky high, and make $$$ with. But instead of handwriting a thousand offers, faxing them all out, getting blisters, hating your life, and kicking your cat at the end of the day (PETA is watching) … you simply upload them into The OfferBot® which is a brand new feature in Freedom$oft 3. Takes all of 6 seconds. Once uploaded, you choose what percentage of the asking price you want to offer, your terms, and how often you want to follow up. Then you hit “send.” 1,000 people just received customized low-ball offers from you on their houses that have probably been sitting on the market for friggin four years. Think you’ll be able to get just a few of those accepted? What would that be worth to you if all you did was flip one measly house for a $5,000 assignment fee? I’m guessing $5,000. lol My Longwinded Point —> what used to take days now
takes minutes.

What used to be the suckiest part of the real estate investing
biz is now the easiest.

Freedom$oft is taking the work out of … work. Or something
clever like that.

Click here for a quick demo …

Talk soon.

Preston Ely

p.s. we’ve already registered over 1,000 new users since
releasing Freedom$oft 3 a few days ago. I’m not sure I
want too many more. I don’t want this messing up my
personal real estate biz. I may have to shut this down
soon …

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FreedomSoft 3 Is Coming!

I say “landed” because this thing is from freaking
outer space.

It’s like aliens coming down and flipping whole sub-
divisions of houses for you while simultaneously
baking you yummy red velvet cupcakes, massaging
your feet, and taking song requests (aliens are
amazing singers).

You thought Freedom$oft Reloaded was good???

*pft* lol! omgoodness

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Check this out …

All new features …

All new speed …

All new price …

Let the fun begin.


Seriously. Click Here and Begin Some Fun. You’re Bored and You Know It

p.s. I’m taking it for granted you know what Freedom$oft,
a.k.a. “The Miracle Money Machine” is. But in case you were
just born or recently immigrated from a thinly populated
jungle region … it’s the sickest house-flipping software your
eyes have ever seen. Nothing in this known universe or galaxy
or black holes or other dimensions come anywhere close to
comparing with this absolute WONDER of modern technology.

See for yourself …

p.p.s. this will be pulled off the market in the middle of
an unannounced random week day night. PLEASE do not call
me crying that next day. I hate to see grown humans cry.

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